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Jolene Hermanson confidence coach and performance coach for women in geoscience and engineering

Hi, I'm Jolene.

I am a Professional Geoscientist and a certified coach.  

As a driven geoscientist in a male-dominated industry, I battled with feelings of inadequacy during the early years of my career. Despite my unwavering dedication and hard work, I convinced myself that I wasn't smart enough, strong enough, or experienced enough to truly make it all work. This self-doubt lingered throughout my B.Sc. (despite graduating at the top of my class), my M.Sc., and early career as a hydrogeologist and project manager. Eventually, this internal struggle led me to feel burnt out and anxious, and it was one of the reasons I decided to step back from my career when my youngest was two.


I was unaware that I was just one of many women facing this challenge. Studies from the US reveal that even though women make up 41% of highly qualified scientists, engineers, and technologists in the lower entry levels of corporations, over 52% of them leave their private sector jobs in their mid-to-late 30s, leading to what they call the "female Brain Drain." Exclusion, isolation, unclear career paths, high-risk reactive cultures, and extreme work pressures are five of the main reasons behind this phenomenon. While efforts are being made to reduce these issues, such broad systemic changes can take time.

Everything changed when I stumbled upon coaching through a podcast. It opened my eyes to new possibilities, prompting me to pursue a coaching certification and immerse myself in the art and science of mindset growth and behavior change. Through coaching, I gained a profound sense of self-assurance, which allowed me to re-enter my profession with renewed confidence and clarity. My own experience reinforced what research has shown: coaching has a measurable and effective impact on performance, learning outcomes, and psychological well-being.

Negotiating a reduced work week and the ability to work from home were things I never thought possible in my industry. I learned how to prioritize essential tasks, evaluate my energy and time, and work smarter, not harder. This newfound approach enabled me to excel in my job and rediscover genuine interest and pleasure in my work.

Now, as a coach, I'm on a mission to empower women in geosciences and engineering, helping them cultivate unwavering confidence within themselves. I teach them to uphold high standards while embracing fierce self-compassion. Under my guidance, my clients learn to work smarter, not harder, and find joy in their professional lives.

Coaching, in my experience, is the most powerful tool for building resilience, confidence, and enhancing performance through technical (skill mastery) and non-technical (growth mindset, internal regulation) skills training. It allows individuals to make immediate changes in how they think, feel, and behave, irrespective of whether systemic change is happening or not. This empowerment is extraordinary, as it enables us to create significant results today, instead of waiting for external solutions. This ripple effect can lead to broader, sustainable, and more potent systemic change.

Let's embrace the power of coaching and pave the way for a more fulfilling and successful future!

I have the following coach training:

2022- Present: Life Coach training as a member of the Coach Lab 

2023: Leadership Coach training with the Roy Group - The Practice of Coaching 

2021-2022: Precision Nutrition Level 2 Master Health & Wellness Coach (1.5 year training program)

2020: Precision Nutrition Level 1 Nutrition Coach 

2020-Present: Founder and coach at Jolene Hermanson Coaching

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