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Portrait of Jolene Hermanson, a dedicated health and wellness coach and professional geoscientist, exuding confidence and calm. With a warm smile and professional demeanor, she stands read to empower technical professionals on their journey to stress management and well-being. Jolene is pictured in a setting that relects tranquility and balance, embodying the essence of her coaching philosophy.

Hi, I'm Jolene.

I am a Professional Geoscientist and a master certified health and wellness coach.  

My journey into the realm of health and wellness began amidst personal challenges and professional burnout. When my father was diagnosed with early-onset dementia in his 50s, it prompted me to reassess not just his health, but my own.

A Journey from Burnout to Balance

I help clients struggling with burnout, poor sleep, poor nutrition and work-life imbalance. Together we embark on a mission to make their career sustainable without compromising their health. 

Qualifications That Speak Volumes

I am a Master Certified Level 2 Health and Wellness Coach through Precision Nutrition, and I am on track to receive my certification from the National Board of Health and Wellness Coaching (NBHWC).


These qualifications aren't just titles; they are a testament to my commitment to understanding deep health and wellness.

I also hold a Bachelors of Science with Distinction & Honour's through the University of Victoria, and a Masters of Science in Hydrogeochemistry through Simon Fraser University. I received my professional designation as a Professional Geoscientist through the Engineers & Geoscientists of BC in 2015, and am a hydrogeologist at a groundwater consulting company. 

A Philosophy Rooted in Wholeness

My coaching philosophy is client-centered and holistic. I believe in coaching the whole person, recognizing that deep health emerges when all domains of a person's life are in sync. My approach focuses on stress management, rest, and recovery as integral components of enhancing effectiveness in one's career.

Integrating Health, Wellness, and Leadership

I firmly believe that health, wellness, and leadership are interconnected. A sustainable career is built on the foundation of maintaining one's health and mental sharpness. My coaching methods are tailored to integrate these elements seamlessly into your life.

Work-Life Balance and Brain Health: A Strategic Approach

Understanding how your brain and body respond to stress is key. My approach involves practicing specific skills and habits in a strategic, sequential manner, keeping it simple yet effective. This is not just about managing stress; it's about transforming your lifestyle to achieve balance and optimal health.

Ready to embark on your journey towards a healthier, more balanced life? Let's Connect and start writing your success story today.

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