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Virtual Community Coming


A Virtual Community Dedicated to Helping You in Your Professional AND Personal Life

“No mind is complete by itself. It needs contact and association with other minds to grow and expand.”

– Napoleon Hill

A majour barrier to women in the geoscience and engineering fields is the feeling of isolation and exclusion.
The antidote to that is connection and belongi
We can create both of those things by building powerful communities.

Join us in our virtual community of female Professional Engineers and Geoscientists where we will: 

  • Create awareness around issues you may be facing within your career and balancing your personal life; 

  • Normalize some of the things you’re feeling;

  • Push you to grow outside of your comfort zone;

  • Show you what’s possible, discover what options are out there for career development, network to create opportunities, and find mentors/mentees; 

  • Support you as you problem-solve and make decisions;

  • Help motivate and inspire you to maintain consistency, even when it’s hard; and,

  • Help you celebrate your wins, big and small.

Get on the List

Sign up to provide feedback on what you want out of our group and receive the first word when we go live.

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