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Vision Creation!

Hey there, friend!

You’re the type of person who is always ready to lend a helping hand, always ready to roll up your sleeves and say yes. People rely on your ability to be flexible and get things done. You roll with life’s curve balls and don’t like to be rigid on your expectations or create big goals in case things don’t turn out.


You find it hard to say no to things because you want to do them all. You want to live life to the fullest, but you don't have a solid plan or strategy for the future. You're not clear on what you want, or, the odd time you do let yourself think about the big picture, you're not sure it's even possible.


Knowing where you want to go is your key for focus, taking effective action, creating harmony, and reaching big goals. When we have a clear vision, it is so much easier to make effective decisions about how we spend our time. We feel less fear of missing out because we know what we are saying yes to.


Read on for 5 tips to creating a vision. Check your inbox for a detailed breakdown and action plan to start implementing it. 

5 Steps to Create a Vision

Check Your Inbox!

Be sure to check your inbox for a detailed breakdown and and action plan to start implementing the steps right away. 

Who I am...


Hi👋, I’m Jolene Hermanson! I’m a life coach and professional geoscientist. I help women in geoscience and engineering take control of their time, build confidence and create a life they love.

I've been where you are. I got into my profession without much a vision for where it was going to lead in the long-term. I knew I wanted to excel, so would say yes to everything, without a clear idea of what I should be focusing on and I struggled to maintain a work-life balance. It felt next to impossible coming back after having children and I reluctantly ended up quitting my job, which felt was like giving up 7+ years of schooling and 6+ years of work experience.

Somewhere along the way I discovered coaching. Coaching felt like magic – I had powerful breakthroughs through a few simple shifts in perspective and creating a strong vision that changed everything for me.

Eventually I started to wonder if I could continue my "impossible job" with these new coaching tools and my own coach supporting me….

It has made all the difference.

I went back to work at the same job, but was able to ask to work the hours I want, have the freedom I want, learn and work with brilliant and kind individuals, travel with my family, and prioritize my relationships, health and fitness.

All while working the same "impossible job".

Now I want to help you do the same! If you’re here to put in the work, I’m here to help!

Looking for some more inspiration to boost your sense of confidence and harmony in work and life?


1. Keep up with me on LinkedIn. I post work-life balance and confidence tips daily. From creating a vision and focus, to improving your physical health, to building grounded confidence, to time management and more! 

2. Have a tricky situation and not sure what to do? Download my Sphere of Control Worksheet to help you create a clear strategy by understanding where you might be trying to control things you have no control over or not taking full responsibility for things you do have control over. It's a simple worksheet - but effective.


3. Hop on a free 60-minute call with me! I’ll provide you with a whole bunch of clarity and at least one or two ways to unlock your dream vision for your life! These calls are 100% confidential and I have done hundreds at this point. I'll tell you about working with me so you can get the on-going guidance, accountability and support that will help you fast-track to your goals, but there's no pressure to do that. Most of all, these calls are fun and my goal is for you to walk away feeling clear, settled and excited about a new possibility moving forward.

And be sure to check your inbox, because I’ll be sending you a free all sorts of other valuable resources!

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