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Jolene Hermanson confidence coach and performance coach for women in STEM


I help women in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) who are:

  • Unclear about what direction they want their career to go

  • Struggling to balance their personal and professional lives

  • Feeling out of alignment with where they want to be personally and professionally

  • Insecure in their role and sick of the imposter syndrome

  • Feeling low energy, overwhelmed, over-stressed, and overworked

  • Contemplating giving up on their career all together or switching to a different field

  • Feeling isolated and unsure about who to talk to, or what to focus on next

AND want to feel:

  • Confident in themselves and their ability to figure it out

  • Competent in their technical skillset

  • Calm and in control of their schedule

  • Aligned with a clear vision of what they want personally and professionally

  • Full of energy and enthusiasm for their personal and professional goals

  • Clear on the direction they want to advance their careers, and how they'll achieve success without compromising the rest of their lives

  • Fulfilled in both their personal and professional lives

  • Connected to others through meaningful relationships

  • Guided and supported as they navigate the challenges of their field

If this is you, you're in the right place. Head to my Resource Section for immediate support in gaining confidence and control over how you're feeling. 

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