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Client Testimonials

Coaching has the power to transform lives.

Over the last several years, countless clients have shared their success stories with me. 

I've worked with them to create freedom from stress eating, dialing in their nutrition, achieving work-life balance, increasing their confidence, building their technical skill set, and creating a deeper sense of resilience. 


By cultivating mental strength and emotional fortitude, my clients are better equipped to overcome challenges and setbacks, problem-solve, and make decisions, enabling them to thrive in any situation.

My 1-on-1 coaching is adaptable and can be tailored to suit your individual needs, making it an invaluable tool if you're seeking positive change.

All of these results require consistent effort and commitment. Like any transformative journey, dedication is key to reaping the full benefits.

Remember, greatness awaits. Click here to embark on your journey to a better you.

Client testimonial section on Jolene's website, featuring a hearfelt quote from Kari M., expressing profound gratitude and affirming the life-changing impact of Jolene's coaching. Accompanied by a cheerful photo of her client, wearing a beaseball cap and radiant smiles, symbolizing the positive and collaborative spirit of Jolene's health and wellness coaching services.
A testimontial featured on Jolene's health and wellness website, showcasing a client's success story. The client, depicted in a circular portrait, smiles confidently while wearing sunglasses, symbolizing the lifestyle transformation achieved through Jolene's coaching. The testimonial text praises the signficant improvements in mental stamina, mood, confidence, energy, and physique, noting the rapid progress made in under two months.
A client testimonial featuring a glowing endorsement from Sandee M., set against a tranquil backdrop of a serene water body. sandee, shown in a circular inset photo, stands in the water with a relaxed posture and a soft, contented smile, encapsulating the emotional and physical well-being she has achieved through Jolene's coaching on nutrition, stress management, and rest.
A client testimonial from Crystal, with a circular close-up photo capturing her radiant smile and sparkling eyes, reflecting the joy and satisfaction of achieving her goals swiftly within four weeks of consultation. This section underscores the effective and rapid results of Jolene's health and wellness coaching program.
Coaching testimonial featuring Ann's endorsement, accompanied by her portrait in a natural setting, her contemplative gaze reflecting the introspective journey she embarked on with Jolene's guidance. The testimonial speaks to an eye-opening experience and the personalized, insightful appraoch that helped her clarify her goals and aspirations.
Client testimonial from L without an accompaying client image. The testimonial highlights the personal growth experienced through one-on-one calls with Jolene, including the release of anxiety, the cultivation of self-compassion, and a signficant boost in confidence across various aspects of the client's life.
A testimonial on Jolene's website from a client, identified as "M", wh shares a breakthrough experience in overcoming the fear of public speaking. The client celebrates the newfound confidence gained after coaching with Jolene, sulminating in a composed and steady presentation on stage and aspirations to chair a session at a future conference.
Toni Testimonial.png
On Jolene's coaching website, a testimonial from a client identified as A. expresses a gratitude for the valuable guidance and mentorship received. The testimonial strongly recommends Jolene's ervices to others seeking support in their personal and professional growth, highlighting the positive impact of her coaching.
A testimonial on Jolene's website from Rochelle, featuring her professional headshot. Rochelle, a geoscientist, has a confident and approachable look, wearing glasses and a smart outfit, commends Jolene for her valuable insights into time management and understanding ones capacity, as well as her dedication to helping others achieve their fullest potential in their careers and personal lives.
A testimonial from Jenna on Jolene's coaching website, accompanied by Jenna's monochrome image, where she smiles warmly, dressed in a cozy jacket, with a natural backdrop hinting at an outdoor setting. Jenna's testimonial praises the outstanding one-on-one coaching support she received from Jolene, noting it as  a new and deeply appreciated experience.
Toni Testimonial.png
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