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Client Success Stories


Jolene has seriously changed my life and I swear she doesn't pay me to say that. She's taught me how to work through cravings and emotions without food and how to listen to what my body is telling me regarding my hunger and when my body is satisfied. The Why behind why we do what we do around food is the secret sauce. I can now say food, nutrition and self-loathing takes up almost 0% of my mental space and honestly that is the biggest win of all. You're the real MVP girl. #forevergrateful #bestmoneyiveeverspent



I've had a long and hard journey with food, hunger and body image. What changed for me most working with Jolene was all the inner mind work. To think that all I have to do is commit to loving and aligning myself, regardless of size or numbers on the scale, and then the rest falls naturally into place.

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I was caught in a bit of "all-or-nothing" mentality. Jolene helped me to think about adjusting the "dial" of health, aiming for "good enough" instead of perfection. That helped with being more consistent with my eating habits, and got me back to the basics: eating slowly, eating to 80% full, and learning/following my body's hunger cues.



I love my body now just as it is without needing to put restrictions/limitations/scales or diets on it. I'm the most proud of my change in mindset surrounding what conditions I place on my body. What it means to me to have a strong mind and body opposed to a "skinny" one.

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With coaching from Jolene, I have started to see huge changes in my mental stamina, mood, confidence, energy and physique. I was shocked by the changes in a little under 2 months. 



From early October to early December 2020, I had her nutrition coaching support and it has been fantastic. I have never experienced this type of one-on-one support before and I'm so grateful. I had lost a total of 13 pounds over our two months together. 



I honestly feel so proud, shocked that it's that noticeable! 2 years I've been wanting to level up. 2 years hovering over the same weight, nearly giving up and ready to accept that 'it is what it is'. And now I just want to keep going, knowing the possibilities with food, stress management and rest!

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My biggest takeaways were working towards understanding the Why behind my feelings toward food, when they come up, and how they effected me. I learned tangible strategies to use to help me change my mindset and feelings toward food and eating. I have been able to continue to use them even after my time working with Jolene.


I'm moving away from food as a celebration... that was my go to in the past.

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My biggest challenge prior to coaching was maintaining consistency and knowing what to eat.

During coaching I learned that I can live the lifestyle I desire, make small consistent changes, and still have weight loss results!



My biggest challenge was knowing what to eat for my goals. I realize now how important protein is! Working with Jolene, I put a lot of effort into hitting my daily goals for each food group and I'm proud that I kept up with my game plan. I continue to use these tools to keep moving forwards and I'm celebrating success with new workout gear! 

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I saw immediate physical results. I would say that within 4-weeks, I had already reached the physical goals I had in mind when we first had our consult. 

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